State of the Race: Aguilar in Driver’s Seat Entering Home Stretch

October 31, 2014

By any measure Pete Aguilar is poised for victory on Election Day. Whether it’s our campaign’s laser focus on the issues that matter, our voter outreach program or our grassroots fundraising, Aguilar is the clear choice to represent San Bernardino County in Congress. Pete Aguilar’s record of working across the aisle as the Mayor of Redlands to help boost the Inland Empire’s middle class, improve education and protect seniors sets him apart in this election.

Aguilar’s Middle Class Initiative Resonating with Inland Empire Families, Paul Chabot Struggles to Defend Record

There is only one candidate in this race who has a proven track record of working across the aisle to deliver for San Bernardino County. In August, Aguilar released his¬†Middle Class Initiative,¬†a priorities blueprint focused on improving education, fighting for a more fair economy and honoring our commitments to seniors and veterans. As the¬†San Bernardino Sun¬†put it in¬†their endorsement: ‚ÄúPete Aguilar has built a record as a successful mayor of a well-run city, able to work well and productively with Democrats and Republicans alike‚ÄĚ [‚Ķ] ‚ÄúProtecting the middle class and preparing young people for the kinds of jobs that will make them part of it are his goals.‚ÄĚ

While Aguilar has highlighted his Middle Class Initiative on the campaign trail, Paul Chabot has struggled to defend his out of touch agenda, proving he can’t be trusted to stand up for middle class families. Whether it’s his opposition to increasing the minimum wage, support for radical cuts to education, putting specials interests ahead of Inland Empire middle class families or campaigning with the same House Republicans who shut down the federal government and have voted to privatize Social Security whileclaiming to not be influenced by Washington insiders, it’s clear Chabot does not share our values.

Strong Ground Game

The Aguilar campaign has assembled a massive volunteer operation and the strongest ground game the Inland Empire has ever seen, which will result in strong voter turnout on November 4th. Vice President Joe Biden’s GOTV rally tomorrow will kick off a weekend dedicated to reminding Inland Empire residents about the importance of voting in this election. So far, our volunteers and grassroots supporters have made more than 390,000 targeted phone calls and knocked on over 95,000 doors throughout the district.

Resource Advantage

Thanks to widespread grassroots support, the campaign‚Äôs fundraising efforts have been strong from start to finish. Aguilar has raised over $2 million this election cycle, out-raising his opponent Republican Paul Chabot in each quarter since the June primary and is poised to enter the final days of the campaign holding a strong cash on hand advantage. Of the over 9,000 individual donors to Aguilar‚Äôs campaign, 89% have¬†contributed¬†$100 or less ‚Äď a sign of strong grassroots support. The Aguilar campaign has the resources it needs to communicate its middle class message to Inland Empire families in the final days.

Conclusion: Momentum Building for Aguilar Heading into Election Day

With the election just days away, the momentum is building behind Pete Aguilar, and the contrast with Paul Chabot could not be clearer. Aguilar is focused on the people of the Inland Empire while Paul Chabot is focused on putting himself ahead of the needs of seniors, students and the middle class. Aguilar’s financial advantage, unprecedented ground game and steady focus on the district’s priorities put him in a strong position to win this election.



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