ICYMI: Alisha Aguilar Speaks to Inland Empire Women on Why Her Husband is the Right Choice for Congress

October 13, 2014

Redlands, CA – Alisha Aguilar, wife of Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, Democratic Candidate for Congress in California’s 31st Congressional District, published a column in the Redlands Daily Facts last week on the importance of electing a representative who will stand up for the issues that affect women and families in the Inland Empire:

The column can be seen here or read below:

He’s the Right Choice, and Not Just Because He’s My Husband

By Alisha Aguilar

As a wife and mother of two young boys, I really understand the issues that are facing women and middle class families today.

Raising a family, working, balancing our household budget and making sure to do my part to give back to our community is tough. But I’m not alone. Women just like me, across San Bernardino County, get up every day and make breakfast for their family, see the kids off to school, work all day and then make time for soccer, dinner and nighttime stories. It’s the hardest and best job in the world.

I’m lucky because I also have a partner, my husband Pete Aguilar. He’s there with us, every step of the way. Pete also happens to be running for Congress.

We are all frustrated with Washington and the dysfunction we see in Congress. The issues facing my family are the same as yours. I look at my two young boys, both in public school, and want them to get an education that will prepare them for the global economy. I want them to go to college, but they may need, as my husband did, some help from grants and student loans.

I want my representative to support investments in early childhood education and federal grants to help students pay for college.

We need good paying jobs in our region—jobs that will allow families to buy their first home so that they can invest in their community and build a life. And as a woman and a mother, I want those jobs to pay women equally for equal work.

I also understand how critical it is for families to have access to quality and affordable healthcare. Every mother understands the desperation we feel when one of our children is sick, but no mother should have to face the inability to take their child to the doctor. Pete will fight to make sure families are in charge of their healthcare, not insurance companies or Washington politicians.

And, yes, that means women’s healthcare too. The decisions we make about our bodies, our healthcare, what medication we take or what doctor we see, these are inherently personal choices. Pete understands that, and he will always support a women’s right to make her own healthcare choices.

Yes, Pete Aguilar is my husband, and of course I support his candidacy for Congress. But the honest truth is that I’d support Pete whether he was my husband or not. He understands the issues that matter to women, mothers and middle class families across the Inland Empire.

Pete is the right choice and he will fight for our values in Washington.





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