Aguilar and Becerra Join Forces for Day of Action in San Bernardino County

October 16, 2014

San Bernardino, CA – Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, Democratic candidate for California’s 31st Congressional District, hosted a Day of Action with U.S. Representative and Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Xavier Becerra (CA-34) yesterday. Rep. Becerra joined Aguilar for a “Women to Women” phone bank in Redlands followed by a “Latinos Votamos” event in San Bernardino.

“It is an honor to have Rep. Becerra join us today,” said Aguilar at the event. “As a leader in the Latino community and in the House, he knows that Congress needs more voices who will fight for commonsense policies like investments in education, job creation and comprehensive immigration reform.”

Rep. Xavier Becerra is the highest ranking Latino in the House of Representatives and the fourth highest ranking Democrat. He is a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) where he served as Chair during the 105th Congress (1997-98).

“I am proud to be here in San Bernardino County to support Pete Aguilar and talk to folks about how important it is that this community elect a representative who will work across the aisle in Washington to deliver for middle class families, seniors and veterans,” said Becerra. “Pete has the experience and record to lead in Congress. There’s no doubt that he is the right choice.”

Pete Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness in the Inland Empire, a leader who has reached across party lines to serve the best interests of middle-class families in San Bernardino County. 




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